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Kairos is a student project made by a team of 7 members for our fifth and final year at SUPINFOGAME RUBIKA

In Kairos, you're going to help a young girl, Jude, who suffered traumatic events, and is on the verge of suicide. Your goal is to save Jude.
As the Wisp, her consciousness, you're going to dwelve into her mind and face her inner Demon, a dark entity made of her traumas.

Kairos is a narrative game in which you're going to evolve inside Jude's memories. Each memory is a diorama representing one key moment of Jude's past. As the Demon pushes Jude to deny what happened and distorts her view on events, those memories are distorted and you need to seek what really happened

You as the player are going to talk the Demon, just like a psychologist would do, asking it questions. As you're going to make the Demon change it's perspective the memories are going to evolve to reflect those changes. 

The game was made by :
 Nicolas Laurent - Programmer
Alice Boudry, - Concept Artist and 3D Artist
Jules Gassie - Narrative Designer and Game Designer
 Paul Freland - Concept Artist and 3D Artist,
Slymane Houzali - Game Designer and Project Manager
Julie Martinez - Technical Artist
Julien Lorans - Technical Game Designer 

Install instructions

Download and extract the game, then you're ready to play, 

The game plays much better with a gamepad !


Kairos.zip 374 MB


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Great job guys, I'm really impressed with the artistic vision you had for that title. Keep up the good work

Why are games like this so much more beautiful than most "real" (big) games?