A downloadable game for Android

Lostronaut is a mobile game prototype asked by Gameloft.

The theme was : Unplayable without the sound, so we came up with the idea of Lostronaut.

You are an Astronaut who lost all his friends in space, the only way you have to find them is to travael trough the void of space in hope of receiving a response in your radio.
For that you have to use the Planet around to use them as a sonar to detect where your companions are.
Once you have located them you have to replay the melody they produce to add them to your chain.

Every Companion have a particular note and instrument, they're basically a living orchestra, collect all the Lostronaut to compose all the music you want in your ship !

The file is an APK who work on every Android Device, i strongly recommand you to follow the tutorial inside the game


This game is currently unavailable

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